Warren Stout

I've worked with Mike over a period of about 7 years.  He has rehabbed me successfully from 3 major injuries, including a partially torn MCL ligament, a torn meniscus that required a scope, and an ankle injury where I tore a ligament and had bone damage. I've been a lifelong athlete starting with wrestling through youth, high school, and college.  I continued to be active and stress my body doing jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts after college. At 38 years old, I'm still on the mats 5-6 day per week.  I believe Mike has been an important factor that allows me to stay active and do what I want to do.  As an athlete himself, Mike has unique insight on how hard to push and knowing when I was functional to return from an injury.  In a demanding sport like jiu jitsu where there is a lot of torque on limbs, just being functional isn't enough.  Mike rehabbed me back to full strength and stability each time I sustained a major injury or an old injury became aggravated.