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Strength And Conditioning Programs

Our strength and conditioning programs focus on total body development and are tailored to each individual’s needs. They start with a one on one movement assessment to help us better customize a program geared toward your goals and current abilities. Our programs combine and utilize mobility, agility, strength, power, and endurance into one overall strength and conditioning philosophy. We believe focusing on all aspects of performance helps to maximize outcomes and minimize risk of injury.

ACL Injury Prevention

Precision offers a free ACL screening using a functional movement assessment to determine increased potential risk for ACL injury. Athletes will progress starting with low impact training in order to correct dysfunctional movement patterns.

Strength Training

Focus on functional movement patterns such as squatting, push/pull, lunging, and hinging to develop overall strength

Power Development

Develop explosiveness through the use of Plyometrics, Jump Training, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, and Olympic Lifting

Mobility And Flexibility

Develop the mobility required to efficiently and safely meet the unique demands of an individual’s training program and sport

Speed And Agility Training

Develop Linear Speed and Chang of Direction

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