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Strength And Fitness Programs

Precision Physical Therapy and Performance offers strength and conditioning programs for youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, as well as any individual looking to better their overall health and fitness levels. Our coaches program with the individual's needs in mind.

Training With Precision

Our Strength And Conditioning Specialists Work With Athletes Of All Ages In A Variety Of Sports. Versed In The Latest Methodologies, They Will Prepare You To Perform With Precision!

Training Is Offered Individually Or In Small Groups.

Training Options

Our Programs Focus on all components of strength and conditioning athletes, including speed, agility, power, mobility, and endurance. Any strength or flexibility exercise can be modified to meet the individual needs of each person in the group

Elite Package

  • One-on-one training session with head trainer. 
  • Unlimited training sessions per week. 
  • Program includes functional movement assessment to identify strength and movement deficiencies. 

General Strength and Conditioning

  • Use of Precision facility and equipment for general fitness training.
  • Have periodic meetings with staff member to determine need for pregression or changes to program. 
  • Open gym format for individuals to come and go at their convenience. 
  • Options to train individually or in small groups. 

Varsity Package

  • Small group/team training structure supervised by our head trainer. 
  • Includes function movement assessment for every athlete to identify movement or strength deficiencies .
  • Options include 2 sessions per week or unlimited. 

Strength and Conditioning

Customized Programming based on the needs of an individual’s sport and position. Programs are designed to help athletes perform more efficiently.

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Fitness Training

Custom Training Programs in a small group setting to better overall health and wellness

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