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Precision Physical Therapy and Performance at No Offseason Sports Russellton open 4.24.


We are Pittsburgh’s ONLY full-service training facility offering sport performance, strength, conditioning, performance therapy, and nutrition services with direct access to one of the area’s leading Physical Therapists.

Our unique staff of strength and conditioning specialists and Doctors of Physical Therapy provide the most comprehensive approach of functional movements, injury prevention, strength training, speed and agility, and sport specific training you’ll find in all of Western Pennsylvania. As an athlete, Precision is the only location where you’ll be treated and trained at such an elite level.

With a background training some of the most elite level athletes in the world, our staff will ensure the highest possible standards are upheld for you!

Training With Precision

We aim to provide every athlete with the ability to improve their capability to dominate in their respected sport. By incorporating appropriately designed training programs, we emphasize the need to move better, get stronger, and express those attributes through speed and power development.

Training Programs

By addressing each athlete’s needs and implementing a training plan catered to their demands, we can ensure each athlete will finish each day stronger, faster, more mobile, and equipped with the knowledge of how to continue to get better even when away from Precision.

What Does Precision Performance Offer?

Sport Performance Services:

  • Team Training
  • Individual Training
  • Sports Physical Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Manual Therapy
  • Athletic Testing
  • 4D Motion Analysis
  • Velocity Based Training Technology
  • Arm Care for Overhead Athletes


Pricing Information


  • Per session pricing: $25/session
  • 10 sessions  = $250
  • 15 sessions  = $330 (12% discount)
  • 20 sessions  = $450 (10% discount)
  • 25 sessions  = $550 (12% discount)
  • 30 sessions  = $675 (10% discount)

 All Inclusive Add-Ons:

  • Nutrition = +$60
  • Nutrition / Manual Therapy = +$85

Additional Program Information

Nutrition Planning:

  • Includes diet needs analysis
  • Calorie needs
  • Macro/Micro identification
  • Preferred diet approach
  • Applicable portion guide to follow calorie intake
  • In depth food analysis/needs
  • Continued coaching and meal planning provided

 Performance Therapy/Recovery:

 Includes manual therapy variations:

  • ART
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Blood Flow Restriction Treatment
  • Body Tempering
  • Full-Service Physical Therapy

Strength and Conditioning

Customized Programming based on the needs of an individual’s sport and position. Programs are designed to help athletes perform more efficiently.

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