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Precision Physical Therapy and Performance offers strength and sports performance programs for youth, high school, and collegiate athletes, as well as any individual looking to better their overall health and fitness levels. Our coaches program with the individual's needs in mind.

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Our Strength And Conditioning Specialists Work With Athletes Of All Ages In A Variety Of Sports. Versed In The Latest Methodologies, They Will Prepare You To Perform With Precision!

Training Is Offered Individually Or In Small Groups.

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Our programs focus on ALL of the components of a sports performance program, including speed, agility, power, mobility, endurance, core, and injury prevention. Exercises are customized to meet the individual needs of everyone in the group.  

General Strength and Conditioning

  • Use of Precision facility and equipment for general fitness training.
  • Have periodic meetings with staff member to determine need for pregression or changes to program. 
  • Open gym format for individuals to come and go at their convenience. 
  • Options to train individually or in small groups. 



Precision believes that creating the complete athlete is the best way to maximize performance potential while minimizing the risk for injury.  Our program starts with a 1 on 1 biomechanical movement assessment performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  This helps us to design a program that is customized around your goals and current abilities.  Programs are designed for complete athletic development, taking into account ALL of the areas of sports performance required to make someone the best athlete they can be.  We will highlight your strong areas, and address your weak areas to make you as well rounded as possible.  All program designs consist of the following areas of sports performance:

Strength Training - Utilize functional movement exercises like squatting, hinging, deadlifting,  lunging, push/pull, etc. for development of full body strength.

Mobility/Flexibility - Develop proper mobility and flexibility through self-myofascial release techniqes, foam rolling, dynamic movement exercises, and stretching techniques.  

Explosive Power Development - Utilizing plyometrics, jumping, medicine balls, kettlebells, and olympic lifts to develop vertical, linear, lateral and rotation explosiveness.

Speed and Agility - Develop linear, lateral, and change of direction, acceleration/deceleration, and landing technique through speed and technique drills

Core Training - Develop core strength and power to help improve overall stability and with the transfer of energy to the extremities.

Endurance - Develop the conditioning required to meet the demands of your sport or activity.

Injury Prevention - Minimize risk for injury by improving movement efficiency, strength, jumping and landing training, and correcting imbalances.  

Programs are performed in a motivating team environment with other athletes, however your program will be designed to meet your individual needs, goals, and abilities.    


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Customized Programming based on the needs of an individual’s sport and position. Programs are designed to help athletes perform more efficiently.

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Custom Training Programs in a small group setting to better overall health and wellness

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