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Precision Physical Therapy

Precision Physical Therapy and Performance specializes in treating you as an individual, not a number or a diagnosis. After a comprehensive assessment, an individualized rehab plan of care will be created to address your specific needs. Our accredited staff will be there to help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

Treatments And Techniques

Physical Therapists are trained to help patients recover following an injury, surgery, or movement dysfunction. As part of physical therapy, they can teach exercises, stretches, and techniques using specialized equipment to address problems. 

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Physical therapists are trained to help patients recover following an injury. As part of physical therapy, they can teach exercises, stretches, and techniques using specialized equipment to address problems.

Treatment Programs

Did You Know
You Don't Need A Doctor's Referral

Pennsylvania Direct Access Allows You To Be Seen By A Physical Therapist For 30 Days Without A Doctor's Referral.

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More Than Physical Therapy

Frustrated by the traditional clinical model of physical therapy, Precision PT set out to do it different. Our focus is an integrative approach to enhance health and wellness through both physical therapy and health and wellness programs that include group classes and sport performance coaching.


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Precision Results

Karly is an excellent diagnostician and is able to accurately identify best practices which have reduced the time spent in PT.
Mike's level of experience, professionalism and commitment to our successful recovery far exceeded my expectations.
Mike and Ellen helped me achieve excellent outcomes each time I participated in therapy with them. Under their guidance, I was able to achieve reduced pain, increased strength, and a greater ability to participate in the activities I enjoy.
Mike has always been able to isolate and work on the problem rather than just treating symptoms. The regimen of exercise and therapy always yields great results!
I believe Mike has been an important factor that allows me to stay active and do what I want to do. As an athlete himself, Mike has unique insight on how hard to push and knowing when I was functional to return from an injury.
I would highly recommend this practice to anyone with a range of injuries or looking to recover normal functionality from chronic issues.
Mike's knowledge and expertise is top notch. He was able to get me back to normal with his in-house therapy and at home assignments.