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Precision Physical Therapy & Performance prides themselves on the vast patient population that it serves.  Quality physical therapy can and does help people of all ages, injuries, abilities, and interests. At Precision Physical Therapy, our specialty is you.

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Physical Therapy

Sports Performance

Sport Performance

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Pittsburgh's Only Comprehensive Physical Therapy Program
Precision Physical Therapy

Return from injury/surgery, restore function, reduce pain, and get back to being an even better you! Our 1 on 1 sessions will help you to feel better while also addressing underlying issues in order to help prevent your injury from re-occuring in the future.

Precision Physical Therapy Offers Treatment For

Non operative musculoskeletal injuries

Non operative musculoskeletal injuries

Post-operative surgery

Post-operative surgery

Vestibular dysfunction & Vertigo

Vestibular dysfunction & Vertigo

Auto accidents Work related accidents

Auto accidents / Work related accidents

Aches and Pains

Every day aches and pains

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Pennsylvania Direct Access Allows You To Be Seen By A Physical Therapist For 30 Days Without A Doctor's Referral. Contact Us Today To Schedule Your Appointment  Or Stop In At Our Hampton Township Location.

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Sport Performance

Precision Sports Performance Training offers strength and conditioning programs, lead by certified strength and conditioning specialists, for athletes and individuals looking to better themselves around the Pittsburgh Area. 

Performance Training